Charge Your Apple Watch With This MagSafe Built-in Charger PowerBand


This innovative product is the first Apple Watch band that includes a MagSafe charger, allowing you to get a charge absolutely anywhere. Now at $39.99 at TechRepublic Academy.

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The Apple Watch is all about convenience. It’s designed so you can access your notifications and favorite apps right from your wrist without looking at your phone, which is a great advantage in a business setting where sometimes discretion and multitasking are important. However, when it comes time to charge, the watch might be as convenient as your phone or tablet. You need a new charging setup, which includes more bulky cables and a MagSafe stand, and you need to actually remove your Apple Watch for a while. PowerBand has solved that problem, and it’s on sale for just $39.99 (reg. $49) for a limited time.

This innovative band is the first to integrate a MagSafe magnetic wireless charger into the design. This ultra-slim magnetic charger is engineered into the watchband and is made of aluminum for outstanding durability. Whenever you need a charge, just break out the quick-release charging mechanism and connect to any USB outlet. You can truly charge your Apple Watch on the go while you work with your laptop, sit on a plane with a power bank or anywhere else you have a USB source. When not in use, the charger is safely protected and hidden in the watch band, so you won’t know it’s there until you need it. Its efficiency, portability and reliability make this accessory great for business travelers.

In addition to that convenient element, the band itself is made from a breathable nylon weave, making it soft and elastic — so it’s highly adjustable and comfortable to wear all day. The band is compatible with all Apple Watch series and adapts to your wrist whether you’re sitting, walking or working out.

Upgrade your Apple Watch experience. Right now, you can get the PowerBand for $10 off $49 at just $39.99.

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