Apple’s New Guidelines Now Allow Game Emulators on App Store

[ad_1] Apple has come under scrutiny in the European Union for its strict App Store rules that restrict external payment options, sideloading of apps and more. The iPhone maker and other tech giants like Alphabet, Meta, Microsoft and more, however, have had to bring in several changes to their policies since the EU’s Digital Markets … Read more

iPhone Users in Europe Might Be Allowed to Delete Photos App: Report

[ad_1] Apple has reportedly found itself in hot water with the European Union (EU) again. Earlier this year, the EU brought the Digital Markets Act (DMA) into effect with a deadline of March 6. Among many user-centric policies, the act also required consumer tech companies to focus on interoperability and offer an open ecosystem where … Read more

iPhone Users Will Soon be Able to Sideload Patreon-Backed Apps in the EU

[ad_1] Apple introduced the ability to sideload iPhone apps in the European Union (EU) last month, in order to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations, and users who have updated to iOS 17.4 will soon be able to install apps backed by Patreon via AltStore, an alternative app store designed to enable sideloading … Read more

Google, Apple and Meta to Face First Digital Markets Act Probes in the EU

[ad_1] Apple, Alphabet’s Google and Meta Platforms will be investigated for potential breaches of the EU’s new Digital Markets Act, European antitrust regulators said on Monday, potentially leading to hefty fines for the companies. The European Union law, effective from March 7, aims to challenge the power of the tech giants by making it easier … Read more

Apple Plans to Make Switching from iPhone to Android Easier

[ad_1] Apple is working on a solution that will make it easier to switch from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. The company has published a new document detailing the list of changes it has already made, such as adding support for alternative app marketplaces and allowing third-party browsers to run their browser engine to … Read more

Apple Blocks Fortnite Maker Epic From Launching Its Own iOS Store in EU

[ad_1] Apple escalated its feud with Epic Games on Wednesday, blocking the Fortnite video-game maker from launching its own online marketplace on iPhones and iPads in Europe. The two companies have been in a legal battle since 2020, when the gaming firm alleged that Apple’s practice of charging up to 30 percent commissions on in-app … Read more

Apple Modifies Proposed Changes to Comply With New EU Rules After Criticism

[ad_1] Apple has modified some of its proposals to comply with landmark EU tech rules after criticism from app developers, including dropping a demand that those who want to create alternative app marketplaces must have a stand-by letter of credit. The company and five other tech giants have to comply by March 7 with the … Read more

Third-Party Marketplaces on Apple May Not Work If User Travels Outside EU

[ad_1] Apple added support for alternative app marketplaces on iPhone devices with the iOS 17.4 update, after much anticipation. However, it has now released a support document explaining the nuances around the eligibility of the feature. Surprisingly, the Cupertino-based tech giant said that it might stop access to marketplaces if a user travels outside of … Read more

Apple Won’t Allow You to Use Third-Party App Stores on iPad: Here’s Why

[ad_1] Apple is set to make some changes to how apps are distributed on its smartphones, ahead of a March 6 deadline before the European Union’s Digital Markets Act regulations go into effect. The iPhone maker is changing how developers can offer applications on iOS, and will allow users in the EU to install apps … Read more

Spotify Calls Apple’s Plan to Comply With EU’s DMA Regulation a ‘Farce’

[ad_1] Spotify said on Friday that Apple’s new plan to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) is “a complete and total farce.” From early March, developers will be able to offer alternative app stores on iPhone and opt out of using Apple’s in-app payment system, which charges commissions of up to 30 … Read more