Google, Apple and Meta to Face First Digital Markets Act Probes in the EU

[ad_1] Apple, Alphabet’s Google and Meta Platforms will be investigated for potential breaches of the EU’s new Digital Markets Act, European antitrust regulators said on Monday, potentially leading to hefty fines for the companies. The European Union law, effective from March 7, aims to challenge the power of the tech giants by making it easier … Read more

Why Microsoft, Meta and X Have Joined Epic Games’ Battle Against Apple

[ad_1] Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Elon Musk’s X and Match Group on Wednesday joined “Fortnite” video game maker Epic Games’ protest that Apple has failed to honor a court-ordered injunction governing payments in its lucrative App Store. The technology companies, which developed some of the most popular apps in the App Store, said Apple was in … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg Pans Apple Vision Pro Again, Says Quest 3 Is ‘Better’

[ad_1] Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg hit out at Apple’s Vision Pro headset over the weekend, stating that the social networking firm’s Quest 3 was the superior product. The Meta Co-Founder and CEO was responding to a post on Threads by an analyst claiming the Vision Pro was up to five years ahead of Meta’s offering. … Read more

Apple Mulls AirPods With Camera, Smart Glasses to Compete With Meta: Report

[ad_1] Wearable fitness tracking devices come in all shapes and sizes, from bulky smartwatches to sleek fitness bands, but their ring form factor seems to be at the cusp of taking off. Samsung just showcased its Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024, said to offer a range of health tracking features. Apple, too, patented a smart … Read more

You Can Now Block WhatsApp Spam Directly From Lock Screen: Details

[ad_1] WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform Meta owns, has rolled out a new feature allowing users to block spam directly from their lock screens. This update aims to combat the rising prevalence of spam messages and give users greater control over their messaging experience. Spam messages have long been a concern for messaging networks such … Read more

WhatsApp Is Working on an AirDrop-Style Nearby File Sharing Feature: Report

[ad_1] WhatsApp has been upgrading its file sharing capabilities in recent times. The popular messaging platform added support for HD photo sharing for all users last year. Now, the Meta-owned app has been spotted working on a new nearby file sharing feature that allows WhatsApp users on Android to share files with other users in … Read more

WhatsApp Adds Reply Bar for Status Updates, Just Like IG Stories: Report

[ad_1] WhatsApp might have started out as a simple messaging platform, but the app, now owned by Meta, has added multiple features over the years that have brought it closer to being a social media platform, a payments app, a business portal and much more. With features like status updates, channels, and more, WhatsApp resembles … Read more

WhatsApp Said to Roll Out View-Once Photos, Videos for Desktop Apps, Web

[ad_1] WhatsApp already offers a disappearing messages feature that deletes a sent message after a set amount of time. WhatsApp users can also send photos and videos that can only be viewed once before being erased from the chat. The latter feature, however, is currently available only to Android and iOS users. The feature was … Read more

How Apple Is Making the Successor to the Vision Pro Easier to Wear

[ad_1] Apple Vision Pro is set to go on sale in early 2024, but the iPhone maker is reportedly at work on a successor to the first-generation device. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes in his weekly Power On newsletter that Apple is focussing on lowering both the weight and size of the second-generation Vision Pro headset. … Read more

Meta Quest 3 Mixed Reality Headset Will Start Shipping on This Date

[ad_1] Meta announced its newest Meta Quest 3 mixed reality headset back in June, promising twice the graphical performance of its predecessor, the Quest 2. Now, with increased competition in the mixed reality segment from Apple, the company has revealed more details about its next-generation headset at its Meta Connect 2023 annual conference on Wednesday, … Read more