Microsoft Will Launch 4 Xbox-Exclusive Games on PS5 and Nintendo Switch

[ad_1] Four Microsoft first-party games will launch on Sony’s PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch, the company confirmed late Thursday after weeks of speculation over its exclusive titles releasing on rival platforms. The announcement came on the Official Xbox Podcast from Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, who also shed further light on the reasons behind … Read more

Sony to Miss PS5 Sales Target, Says Spider-Man 2 Shipped 10 Million Units

[ad_1] Japan’s Sony slashed the full-year sales forecast for its PlayStation 5 console on Wednesday and said it plans to list its financial business next year as it focuses on entertainment and image sensors. Sony cut its PS5 sales forecast for the year ending March to 21 million units, from 25 million units previously, after … Read more

Microsoft Will Share Updates on the Xbox Business on February 15

[ad_1] Microsoft will share an update on the Xbox business later this week, the company confirmed Monday after weeks of reports and rumours of its first-party games coming to rival consoles. The Xbox parent will reveal its plans for the platform in a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast on February 15 at 12pm … Read more

Microsoft to Share Business Update on ‘Future of Xbox’ in an Event Next Week

[ad_1] A day after reports of multiple Microsoft first-party titles possibly making their way to rival platforms, the company said early Tuesday that it would host a business update event next week, detailing the “future of Xbox.” Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer posted the announcement on X (formerly Twitter), promising more details to the Xbox … Read more

Microsoft Reportedly Plans to Launch Starfield, Indiana Jones on PS5

[ad_1] Microsoft seems to be shifting its strategy in the gaming space, with reports claiming that the company is mulling the potential launch of its first party titles on rival consoles. Starfield, the space RPG from Microsoft-owned Bethesda Softworks that launched exclusively on Xbox and PC in September last year, could be coming to PS5. … Read more

The Pokémon Company Says It Is Investigating Palworld Plagiarism Allegations

[ad_1] Palworld, the viral hit action-adventure survival title that has come under intense scrutiny over the alleged likeness of its in-game creatures to the cute monsters from Pokémon, could be staring at legal trouble. The Pokémon Company, which manages the iconic franchise, has finally released an official statement addressing the swirling plagiarism accusations against Palworld, … Read more

E3 Is Officially Dead After a Series of Failed Attempts at Reinvention

[ad_1] E3, what was once the biggest video game expo, is officially dead. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) confirmed the news on Twitter, thanking the fans and developers who attended and supported the in-person show for over two decades. Its closure was only a matter of time, slyly signalled in March, when the 2023 edition … Read more

The Game Awards 2023 Winners: Here’s the Full List

[ad_1] Baldur’s Gate III took home the top honour at The Game Awards 2023, held early Friday in Los Angeles, besting its lead competitor Alan Wake II. The Dungeons & Dragons-based sprawling RPG, which was strongly revered by both fans and critics alike, bagged six trophies, including Best Community Support and Best Performance. The latter … Read more

The Legend of Zelda Live-Action Movie Is in Development, Nintendo Says

[ad_1] The Legend of Zelda is getting a live-action adaptation. After years of rumours, Nintendo has finally confirmed that it’s working on a movie set in the enchanted lands of Hyrule, co-produced by the gaming giant and Avi Arad, who’s behind the recent Spider-Man spin-off films. Wes Ball — best known for the Maze Runner … Read more

Microsoft Considered Buying Nintendo at One Point, Leaked Email Reveals

[ad_1] Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer considered buying Nintendo at one point, a leaked 2020 email revealed. Multiple documents from Microsoft’s trial with the US FTC were leaked Tuesday, with one showing a casual discussion about buying the Mario maker, where Spencer called it a “career moment” and implied that a collaboration would be a … Read more